SAFA 05

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    SAFA…05 S (T) series 

    ■ NENUTEC security damper actuators are especially   
      designed for fire damper applications in different sizes 
      according fire protection inspection EN 1366-2. 
      Suitable for smoke damper applications. 

    ■  SAFA...05 S (T) spring return actuators, tension the 
      spring return while the actuator moves the damper to its 
      normal working position. In case of emergency (power 
      supply is interrupted or thermal tripping device is over
      heated) the stored energy in the spring triggers and 
      moves the damper back to its safe position. 

    Product Features 
    ■ Torque 5 Nm 
    ■ Damper size 1.0 m2
    ■ Power Supply AC/DC 24 V and AC 230 V 
    ■ Control 2 Point (Open/Closed) 
    ■  2 fixed auxiliary switches (SPDT) 
    ■  Shaft dimensions standard  12 mm square (inclusive insert  8/10 mm square) 
    ■ Minimum shaft length 10 mm  
    ■  Selectable direction of rotation  
    ■  Actuator with 1000 mm cable connection 
    ■  Thermal duct and ambient sensor on request 
    ■   Manual override with crank handle 
    ■  Customer version on request 

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